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Knee pain

I had surgery in December 2012 to repair the torn meniscus on my right knee. After the surgery I still have pain. I returned to my surgeon for checkup, he assured me the surgery was a success, the meniscus was repaired and I should not have pain anymore.

I continued suffering from my right knee pain. It was so bad that I was thinking to sell my house because I could not walk up the stairs. I could not even go to do the groceries. I cancelled two trips to Oregon to visit my daughter because I could not walk. Needless to say, I was so depressed.

I came to Dr. Law in August 2013. She told me my knee pain could be related to my lower back pain. After a few acupuncture treatments, I began to feel less pain. Today I am so happy. I have no pain at all in my lower back or my knee. I can walk up and down the stairs and do all the normal activities. I plan to go to Oregon to visit my daughter finally. I am so thankful to Dr. Law for giving my life back!

Margaret W., Trenton, NJ Jan 2014

Migraine headaches

I have been suffering from migraine headaches for several years, I feel so tired and depressed. I came to see Dr. Law, she gave me acupuncture treatment and I always felt so much better, but only got relief for a couple of days. Dr. Law said she wanted to search what the trigger was. She found out my migraine headaches were related to the medication I was taking. She desensitized my drug side effect with laser acupuncture and my headache was practically stopped. I used to miss school one day a week due to the pain in my head.  I am so happy I no longer have pain.  I don’t miss school anymore and I sleep much better and am able to concentrate at school. Thank you Dr. Law, you made my life so much better.

O S, Princeton, NJ Jan 2014

Migraine headaches and Neuropathy

I have had migraine headaches since I was 9 years old that means it had been almost 60 years I had this problem. I also had plantar fasciitis for more than 20 years; in addition, I have tingling and numbness on both of my feet.  I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and the spinal rod was put in from T4 to L1 when I was 25 years old.

I came to Dr. Law for acupuncture hoping to get some relief of my pain. To my surprise, my headaches and my tingling numbness of my feet went away since the first acupuncture treatment. She changed my world and gave me back the quality of life I missed for so many years.

I am so thankful to Dr. Law

Muriel M., Staten Island, NY Feb 2014


At my most recent eye exam, my ophthalmologist found a hemorrhage on my right retina.  I hadn’t noticed the spot, according to the doctor, because it was not in the center of my field of vision.  My doctor referred me to a retina specialist for further examination.

The retina specialist said that most hemorrhages heal themselves within three months, but mine was so large that he wanted a procedure done within a month called an IVFA.  An IVFA is a series of photographs taken of the eye after injecting intravenous dye into the veins, to show how the veins in the eye are functioning.

I went right to Helen Law.  She gave me three treatments for my eye within that month.  At the end of it, I went to get my IVFA.  The retina specialist called me into his office after the procedure.  He was looking at the photos.  “The only reason I can see your hemorrhage in these pictures is because I know where it was.  It has resolved itself ninety-nine percent.  Basically, it’s gone.”

I give Helen Law full credit for my swift and thorough recovery!

Jennifer H., Princeton, NJ 2013