Princeton Integrative Health Center

Homeopathy & Naturopathy Testimonials

Homeopathy and Naturopathy have been used successfully to resolve health conditions:

  • Skin conditions with Digestive Issues
  • Emotional Balance
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Digestive Issues
  • High Blood Pressure

Skin Conditions with Digestive Issues

“I have struggled with clear skin for a long time. I also had really bad breath that I was embarrassed to know how to deal with.  Laura identified my skin issue was related to my intestines. After working with Laura on my food allergies and digestive repair, my blemishes are significantly reduced. I would say even completely gone, except for the random hormonal one.  Thank you for helping me.”  R.S.

Emotional Balance

“I have always been a high strung kind of person and the world stresses me out constantly.  I am thankful for Laura’s food coaching and homeopathic support helping me deal with the anxiety and stress in a manageable way. She is my hero” N.W.

Seasonal Allergies

“I happen to be in for my therapeutic acupuncture treatment and could not shake this allergy attack. Laura provided me with a key homeopathic remedy which stopped it with in minutes and it did not come back!  I know that this will be my go-to remedy come allergy season for sure.  Thank you for helping to make the allergy season easier!” R.B.

Digestive Issues

“I came to Princeton Integrative Health Center to help get my digestion and health back in balance.  Working with Dr. Helen and Laura.  My heartburn and plumbing are so much better! I had no idea how much an individualized approach for eating, managing food sensitivities and homeopathy could work so well. I feel better than before and look forward to continuing the effort through their coaching” K.S.

High Blood Pressure

“I was not happy with how the blood pressure medicine made me feel.  So I have been working with Laura on managing my blood pressure through specific foods and lifestyle management.  I have not seen this side of 120/80 in a long time and sometimes it is lower. Truly food is so powerful and makes such a big impact on your health.  These ladies really help make the journey possible.” A.J.
Eczema / Contact Dermatitis

“I am so encouraged by Homeopathy! After years of eczema on my forearms and hands, I am now rash free within a week. Truly amazing and unbelievable.” M.W.