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We will be posting newsletters, articles authored by our practitioners and white-papers about improving your health and bringing about long-term wellness.

Additionally, we will be posting videos of seminars held, audio of radio interviews, and even recipes we want to share to show you how easy being healthy can be!


FALL RISK PRESENTATION from the Healthy Posture Institute on 12/01/18 NEW!!!

TECH NECK PRESENTATION from the Healthy Posture Institute on 11/03/18 NEW!!!

POSTURE PRESENTATION from the Healthy Posture Institute on 9/22/18

Laura Keiles, ND on WNTI radio 6/3/2013 (.mp3)
KWC Carmelized Onion Jam by Laura Keiles, ND (.pdf)
Mixed Blood Types by Laura Keiles, ND (.pdf)
FYI Acid Indigestion Info Sheet (.pdf)

Foodergies (SM) Reference Documents in PDF

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