Princeton Integrative Health Center

Genetic Review and Support

Princeton Integrative Health Center is a designated 23andMe support practice.

Through our affiliation, we are able to offer a discount on 23andMe services. You can order a test kit for ancestry and health assessments at

23andme is now offering Ancestry only services for a reduced rate.  Both of services provide access to the raw data which we use to perform the analysis.

If you are interested in understanding more about your gene impact to your health, we can help you with the review of the data provided by 23andMe.  Our genetic review can also be performed using data as well.

If you have already run an or 23andme and would like to have the gene data reviewed, please call our office and schedule an appointment.  The raw data needs to be extracted prior to the appointment or at appointment time, so please be prepared to provide via email or on a thumb drive.

Part of the appointment will be collecting of family history and documentation of baseline health. If the data is provided prior to appointment, a complete review of the data will be provided at appointment time.  If data is brought to appointment, then the first level analysis will be performed at that time and a follow up appointment will be required to finish review and set up plans for health improvement.   For more information about the Personal Nutrition Genetic Analysis services click here.