Princeton Integrative Health Center

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Testimonials

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is our needle-free acupuncture option.  This is a progressive technology called the Acutron is a electronic device using low level current through pads or microlight colored probes in place of needles. Our newest therapy is making a big impact here:

Pain Management & Neuropathy

“I have struggled with diabetic neuropathy for over 5 years in my left foot.  I was concerned I would have to lose my foot, or at least my big toe as I had not felt it in years.  Working with acupuncture and this miraculous device, I have more flexibility and mobility in my left foot and ankle. My stability of walking and balance is improving. Even better that I feel my big toe again.  It has been years since I was so encouraged about my recovery.  Thank you Dr. Helen and Laura for bringing my foot back to life” M.S.

“I had ankle repair surgery over 20 years ago and have been living with this dull ache and lack of mobility since.  I could not walk for long, much less stand without pain or not being able to keep up with others.  Since working with Laura and the Acutron, I have the most range of motion I have had in decades.  My recovery time from exertion is less.  The pain and discomfort is less. This therapy has made my life better, thank you” – T.A

Sinus Therapy

“I went from having sinus congestion all the time to none in two visits. I have not been able to breathe that well in a long time” – F.K.

Hairline Fractures

“My son fractured his metatarsal bone landing funny after horsing around.  Laura was so accommodating to see us so quickly and treat his foot. Two days later he was bounding around and not on crutches anymore.  This new device a miracle!” T.S.

“I hairline fractured my ankle bone along with strained ligaments playing basketball and had tried to take care of it on my own for 2 weeks.  My wife told me of this therapy and I figured what have I got to lose?  I was out of my air cast within 2 weeks and almost fully functional. Within 8 weeks I was recovered enough to play ball again.  I am a believer now and if it ever happens again, I am having Laura treat me immediately.” C.K.

Emotional Balancing

“I was born stressed out. I have been working with Dr. Helen on my stress and pain when she suggested I try the Acutron and work with Laura. Honestly I was not sure what to expect.  I came in all stressed out and my back really hurt.  I walked out more calm and balanced than I have ever been and my back stopped hurting – completely.  The back pain has not returned and I go in for ‘tune-ups’ to keep my mood and stress managed periodically. Truly these ladies have a miraculous place here.” M.N.

Scar remediation

“I had an old scar on my cheekbone from back in my softball days that was impacting my sinuses.  In one treatment with the Acutron, it reduced the 20 year old scar tissue and bone so substantially I was breathing better.  I forget I even had that I had a scar now.  Thank you to the tag-team efforts of Dr. Helen and Laura.” D.L.

“My recent acne scars were leaving divots in my skin.  Within in one treatment with the Acutron, Laura reduced the scar 75%.  I feel so much better knowing my skin can better heal itself now and balance out the scar.” R.S.

Muscle Sprain/Strain and rehab

“I banged and twisted my knee playing basketball bad enough I could not extend or put weight on it.  My orthopedist said I would be on crutches and the season was over for me.  A few hours later working with Laura, I was able to walk out of the office, no pain, full weight on my leg and no crutches. I continued with physical therapy and 2 weeks later, the orthopedist cleared me to play again. I am glad to have the folks here to keep me playing!” E.K.


“After repeat foot surgery for neuromas and still no resolution of pain, I am amazed to have significant pain relief. It lasts for weeks with supporting massage. I look forward to less frequent “tune ups” and I am thankful for more pain free without needles! Thank you!” L.G.