Princeton Integrative Health Center

Allergy Testimonials

We have been successful at restoring the body’s balance to resolve allergies with needle free electrical acupuncture:

•April 2019 I am an 81 y/o woman who wears an insulin pump.  I came to Helen with strong cravings for sugar.  She explained to me that she could do a sugar desensitizing treatment through her AAT machine.  I was amazed at how I made it through a week with zero cravings and ate just one portion of ice cream during the whole week! -Maura R. Princeton, NJ

•I was a lifelong victim of various nasty allergies, especially animals, mold, mildew and the annual springtime explosion that had me weeping and wheezing day and night.  Pharmaceuticals never worked.  Then my wife, Nancy, recommended Helen Law and the Princeton Integrative Health Center based on the fabulous recovery from allergies she witnessed her colleagues achieve.  I was a huge skeptic that such an approach to my advanced allergies would do me any good.  No longer a skeptic!  After only a couple treatments, I can now visit friends with animals and I sailed through last spring with almost none of the usual symptoms. Now I see Helen once every four or five months as a precaution.  I have my life back again!  If you suffer from allergies, go see Helen Law.  I enthusiastically recommend her. -Patrick, Titusville, NJ

Skin Rashes

• I play a lot of golf  and every year during the Spring and Summer seasons, I always suffer from itchy, red and swollen lower legs above the ankle.  I knew all along that it was due to the irritation from the pesticide on the grass.  I came to Dr. Law and confirmed that it was my overreaction to the pesticide.  After she treated me for the pesticides, she did further testing and found that I was allergic to the grass and weeds. After the 2nd treatment, my skin became as good as new. Now I can play golf every day without worrying about my ankle.  I am so thrilled with the results of Advanced Allergy Therapeutics.  -Judy V.

• I had been taking Provigil for energy for over two years. I was taking 50mg at first, but recently  increased to 100mg. I developed hives on my skin which were large, red and very itchy. No one could determine the cause. I came to Helen Law to try her AAT technique.  As soon as Helen cleared me with sensitivity to Provigil, my hives went away within two days.  Thank you for your help.   -Inge Bondi

• Three months ago, I began noticing my hair was coming out in chunks, and I also noticed the hair on my eyebrows were thinning. I went to my dermatologist, but he could not identify the cause. After having your allergy testing, it was determined that my symptoms were due to my severe allergic reactions to Boniva.  Two weeks later I returned to your office with my hair grown back and the rash had gone.  The pain in my liver area and my neck are all gone, too.   I am so thankful for your help.   -Carol Connolly

• I am delighted that you were able to identify the cause of the itchy rash on my left hand near my wedding ring. Using Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, you eliminated, as a possibility, an allergic reaction to the platinum in the ring.  After I told you that I use an old toothbrush to clean the ring, you tested me for personal care items.  To my surprise, I tested positively for the alcohol in tooth paste. I have been rash free for several weeks now.  Thank you for helping to eliminate this annoying problem.  -Zizi Somerville, NJ


• Dear Helen, thank you for explaining the options available for allergy sufferers. I have had allergies for over 30 years, taken multiple medications, inhalers and sometimes steroids. I am trained as a neuropharmacologist and must say that I am amazed at the response I have had to your treatment. As my immune system strengthens I am no longer dependent on medication therapy to be able to live with my dog, walk outside and feel healthy.  -Eric Richardson, MS

• My health history has been overshadowed with allergies and chemical sensitivities which progressed over time to a disabling lifestyle with congestion, coughing, pain, migraines, and fatigue. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia eight years ago and I had suspected the allergies played a significant role in causing and exacerbating. Now that I am receiving treatment from Dr. Helen Law using Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, my reaction to the allergens has nearly disappeared, and the pain and fatigue from CFS and FS have decreased significantly. I am getting my life back and could not be more grateful or surprised by the results. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  -Ann Hills

• I initially came to see Dr. Law for some asthma related problems. In addition to treating my asthma symptoms, she suggested some allergy desensitization for my many years of severe allergies to cats and dogs. I completed three treatments with Advanced Allergy Therapeutics.  Afterward, I spent several days with my sister’s family who has a cat and my breathing was not labored at any time. Based on my good results, I am optimistic that others will have a positive experience after treatment from Dr. Law.  -Janet E.


• My grandson Loghan was not growing properly . He refused to eat and would push away bottles.  When he was 9 months old, he was very underweight. I brought him to see Dr. Law.  Since he lives in Arizona, I had arranged for the family to come to visit for one week.  I brought Loghan to see Dr. Law everyday.  She was able to identify what his body could not assimilate on the AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) computer system.  Dr. Law also used laser acupuncture to balance and harmonize my grandson’s digestive system.  To everyone’s surprise, in a couple of days, he started eating and began to gain weight!  Thank you Dr. Law for your help.  I feel so relieved to know my grandson will be growing in a normal and healthy way. – Monica C.


• For several years my skin was constantly breaking out and I tried many different acne solutions such as creams, washes and medication, but nothing worked. Finally I went to Helen for her Advanced Allergy Theraputics.  After a few visits,  I saw so much improvement.  My skin started to clear up and looked much better.  I am so happy with the results and thank Helen for it!  -Kim

• For those who wonder about the safety and efficacy of treating babies and children with AAT, my son’s experience will not only reassure but will amaze you. He broke out in a severe case of baby acne that marred his beautiful face. His face and scalp were covered in dozens angry red pimples.  Helen started treating my newborn son when he was 3 weeks old.  The next day, his acne was reduced by 50%.  Two days later, he was treated again and the acne went down another 50%.  In another day, his skin was completely blemish free.  At 6 weeks of age, my son developed patches of red, dry eczema on his eyelids, cheeks and forehead.  Helen found that he was allergic to cotton.  After one AAT treatment, the eczema was gone.  As a first time mom, I was stressed and worried about every little thing. I’m glad that the AAT treatments worked so quickly and with no side effects whatsoever.   -Jenn C.


• I first experienced diminished smelling 20 years ago, but later I completely lost my smell and taste.  Since I came to Dr. Law, and through her treatment, all of my senses have returned.  I am so happy with the result of your  AAT treatments. Thank you so much, Dr. Law.  -S. Strassberg

• Prior to 2002 I had chronic sinus infections, multiple doctor appointments, many courses of antibiotics and many workdays lost. The culmination of this was the loss of my sense of smell and, eventually, my sense of taste as well. Upon our first session, I felt some relief.  After the second, there was noticeable improvement.  I came three or four more times and you were able to totally clear up my sinuses.  Together with your herbs and AAT we have this problem in check.   -Pennie D.

I CAN HEAR AGAIN!  I had put my head under the water in the bath and both my ears blocked immediately. Over the next two months, I sought the help of doctors and specialists. No one could help me.  In fact, the ENT diagnosed me with sudden hearing loss and prescribed a dose of steroids. Luckily for me, I found Dr. Law. She examined me and told me that she was certain she could help. And she was right. In fact she cured my condition. I am so grateful to Dr. Law. She is not just a doctor; she is a true healer.  -Katharine D.

• When I began seeing Helen I was highly allergic to mold and many foods. Helen’s AAT treatments have allowed me to manage my allergies without medications. I am finally able to eat foods that I have been unable to eat for 20 years. My diet is healthier and I am once again enjoying food.  Thank you Helen.   -Lenore C.


• When I was 12, I felt weakness in my muscles and was tired a lot. I had to stop playing sports. I had a bowel movement every time I ate and I could not gain weight.  I was diagnosed with JDM (Juvenile Dermatomyositis), some kind of autoimmune disorder. I was taking a bunch of medications.  When I was 18, my senior year in high school, my mother brought me to see Dr. Law.  She immediately suspected that my body could not assimilate amino acids.  She applied AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) to identify my deficiency. She also used acupuncture to help me strengthen my organs function.  I responded very well with the treatment and I soon  felt my muscle strength returning and I started to gain weight.  The best thing is that I am able to play my sports again.  Now that I am in college, I have stopped all my medications and all my blood tests are normal.   Thank you Dr. Law for giving me my  life back! – Joey B.

• I wanted to thank you for the allergy treatments that you gave me and my mother who is 90 years old.  Both of us have seen remarkable improvement from our Irritable Bowel Syndrome and are feeling much better. The process that you used was very quick, and the treatment was painless. We were able to change our food choices based upon your recommendations and the combination has resulted in both of our health problems improving.  -Jane D.

• I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over 23 years. I have a lot of joint pain all over my body. I have burning pain and tingling numbness in my feet and hands. I also have severe pain in my hips and knees as well as neck and shoulder pain. In addition, I have vestibular neuritis that causes dizziness and vertigo. I was taking medications and getting injections. I came to Dr. Law to seek relief in March, 2014, upon my doctor’s recommendation.  She gave me acupuncture treatment and herbal supplements. She also told  me of certain food sensitivities.  After 8 sessions,  my pain, dizziness and neuropathy was reduced. My blood work greatly improved and my doctor is taking me off my  medications.  I am so happy my life is back on track! –Henrietta R.

• I had been suffering from recurring UTI’s  for many years. The feeling of frequent urination in my bladder really bothered me a lot and it was nerve wracking to feel like I had to urinate even though I had just went. I took many courses of antibiotics to relief these symptoms throughout the years and was even on a daily medicine to help with was diagnosed as a sensitive bladder by a urologist. One day I decided to visit Dr. Law to hopefully to seek an alternative method to get long-term relief. She told me a lot of women experienced these symptoms indicated possible wheat sensitivity and other diet changes. She suggested that I stop eating wheat & add in some other foods to my diet throughout the day to see if these symptoms would go away. To my surprise, it did stop the irritation and pain. My first visit to her was in August 2012 and through on-going diet monitoring, it has been two and half years that I have not had any urinary tract infection and two years since I have been off all medications relating to my bladder. I am so happy. Thank you for your help.
Colleen W., Skillman, NJ



• I have been suffering from migraine headaches for many years since I was a teenager. I came to Dr. Law to get relief. I told her I would get a migraine headache every time I went in the sun. She applied AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) computer system to identify that I was sensitive to sun and UV rays. Dr. Law used laser acupuncture to desensitize my body to the sun radiation. To my surprise, my migraine headache was gone for a few months. Later my migraine headache returned, Dr. Law was able to find other sensitivities that my body suffered. Now I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Law for helping me. I am a new person without pain. – Lois V.