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Acupuncture Testimonials

• I had been suffering from dizzy spells for the past 3 years.  I had seen an ENT, my primary and also had an MRI and no one was able to help.  When I began to see Helen, I had spells, sometimes multiple, daily.  After my first visit with Helen, they immediately reduced in frequency.  She used needles, electrical stimulation and ear seeds.  After a month of treatment, I did not have any more dizzy spells!  This has made such a difference in my life and I want to thank Dr. Law for making this possible.  If you’re having dizzy spells and traditional doctors can’t help, I highly recommend seeing Helen Law. -Jaya Kumar, Belle Mead

• I came to see Helen with debilitating back pain.  After 5 surgeries in 20 years, I could not find relief.  I could not bend or squat down without pain.  I couldn’t sleep at night.  I had to stop work.  After my first visit, I could bend and squat without any discomfort.  She performed neuro-acupuncture and I am amazed at how I feel!  -Joel P.

• I want to personally thank you for alleviating my pain!  At the first treatment, I felt a big difference!  Distance and time of year makes it difficult for me to travel to Princeton, I know it is going to be less likely that I will find someone as experienced as you closer to my home!  Your kindness and knowledge can’t be beat.  I would like to make a donation in honor of you to some cause that you hold dear to your heart as an early Christmas present as my appreciation.  Thank you Helen and thank you to my friends who referred you! –Kaye P.  Churchville, PA

• I wish to offer testimony to the excellent acupuncture treatment that Dr. Helen Law gave me.  She has helped to end some months of bad pain from a pinched nerve and spinal stenosis in the lower back.  Although I benefited from good orthopedic work before I started acupuncture with Dr. Law, her skill and diagnostic intelligence brought the whole process of recovery to a happy conclusion.  I can take walks and drive a car without pain, having thought for weeks that I would never do either activity again.  My gratitude to Dr. Law leads me to give this endorsement. – GK

• Why I love Helen Law, let me count the ways.

First, she has resolved chronic sciatica pain providing relief that I was not able to get from a combination of sports doctor, chiropractor and physical therapy while diagnosing the problem through a gifted touch without expensive tests.

Second, she helped me avoid foot surgery requiring an extensive and painful recovery period by applying standard acupuncture plus the application of heat to painful hammertoes on both feet.

Finally, she has caused significant improvement in my snoring by applying a new procedure that she has developed.  Based on my experience, I expect her to have favorable test results to present to the acupuncture community in due course.  The improvement has been significant in a short time.  I had been told by my ENT that the only options for me were to have intrusive surgery, which I had rejected.  Just today, Helen has run some tests and given me good advice on food allergies and nutrition strategies to help me lose weight that should allow me to make the snoring improvements permanent.

My great experience with Helen caused me to suggest to my nephew that he see Helen who was suffering with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and food allergies.  I made this suggestion with some trepidation since he had been quite critical of his medical providers.  With one treatment she eliminated his symptoms.  That is a year ago now and he still raves about what she did for him.  Respectfully offered, Rich L.

• I had excruciating pain in my right shoulder.  X-rays disclosed that I had a large calcium deposit which was causing the pain.  You so calmly and confidently knew what to do.  I was only able to move my arm one inch away from the right side of my body.  By the time I left, I was able to raise my arm with very little to no discomfort.  Upon a follow-up x-ray with my orthopedic, the doctor was speechless.  He couldn’t believe that the calcium deposit on my initial x-ray had melted away.  Thank you Helen, you are a true healer! -Carmela P.

• I was experiencing severe and disabling sciatic nerve pain in my left leg caused by bulging disks in the L4/L5 area. I could not stand, walk or even sit in a chair – I was bedridden. I was taking heavy doses of pain medication with no quality of life at all. Helen’s skills and clear understanding of my medical condition were apparent from my first visit.  Some weeks later, I am returning to work with both significant pain relief and real functionality.  I do not have enough words to express my faith and appreciation of her healing skills. -Sheryl D.

• Months after the birth of my second child, my hips and pelvis would not stabilize and I experienced intermittent pain from my neck to my knees that interfered with my ability to care for my baby.  This is the point at which I made my first appointment to be treated by Dr. Law.  After the first treatment, the pain was immediately relieved.  With Dr. Law, I’m finally at the point where my body is stabilized.  Helen, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. -Pamela Strum, MS, LAc

• I had already been in treatment for a sciatic nerve problem with an orthopedic doctor and a physical therapist.  I came to Dr. Law with neck, shoulder and sciatic nerve (left hip) pain. I could not play sports, move quickly or enjoy life to its fullest.  Dr. Law treated me with acupuncture.  Eight weeks later I could resume Pilates without pain.   I was also suffering from sleep disorder and hot flashes. My breasts were swollen and my skin – face, chest, and upper back were covered in acne. Hair loss and oily hair were further symptoms.  Dr Law’s Advanced Allergy Therapeutic system confirmed my hormonal imbalance and many food allergies. Today I feel like a young, healthy woman with hair that was never so thick and long, clear skin and a normal four week menstrual cycle.  Most importantly, I regained my joy for life!  -Jacqueline Mummert

• I suffered enormously from back pain caused by a problem with a spinal disc.  I really needed relief, promptly.  After three treatments, I walk and move without pain at all.  Helen, you are wonderful, and I am sure that you can help thousands of other people.  Thank you very much again. -Ingolf Pernice

• Since I was pregnant with my first daughter in 1962, I have had intermittent, but frequent leg cramps. Sometimes these were so extreme that I would awaken at night crying out in pain.  After several visits with Helen Law, the radiating pain in my legs has been reduced to almost nothing.  I am grateful. -Beth D

• I have had foot pain from the heel to the middle of my foot for a year.  It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night.  Helen found that my back and leg muscles were so tight it was causing the foot pain. She treated my back and as the muscles started to release, the pain in my foot decreased dramatically.  Thank you, Helen, for all your help. I truly appreciate it.   -E. Berl

• I initially went to Helen for pain in my left foot on the lateral border. I could not walk around the block.  After four months of treatment with Dr. Law, I was able to walk on a tour for two weeks.  While treating me for my foot, she noted my nasal congestion.  After working on this for a month, my nasal congestion is less, no polyps and I have begun to smell.  The sense of smell has been gone for over twenty years.  Am I happy? Elated! -Gilbert A. Falcone, DDS

• I came to Helen Law because of severe knee pain which was preventing me from enjoying my favorite activities.  X-rays had revealed mild arthritis, but it didn’t feel mild to me.  As a result of her acupuncture treatments, my knees are completely pain free.  My husband and I will be spending September hiking in the Swiss Alps!!  Thank you, Helen! -Rose H.

• Dr. Law, I am extremely pleased and excited with the recovery I have made since I started seeing you last November. When I first came to see you, I was truly a mess.  Every large joint was extremely painful. The only remedy that specialists could offer was to prescribe drugs to kill the pain.  Today, I am a new person . I’m still not sure how you do what you do or why it works,  but, your professionalism, experience and expertise are priceless.  I can’t thank you enough for giving me my body back. –Barbara Strongin

• Thirteen years ago, I herniated three lumbar discs in a car accident.  Since my injury I have suffered from left and right leg radiating pain in addition to generalized lower back pain.  I treated my symptoms for 13 years with more than 12 epidural injections.  During my first treatment with Dr. Law, she isolated the nature of my problem .  After three months of treatment I am proud to say that I no longer take daily medication and can walk on my treadmill without pain! Thank you again for your dedication and skill.-Eric Richardson, MS

• I’ve been coming to see Dr. Law since 2006 for various complaints. She had been very helpful for my plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, hip pain, leg pain and knee pain. In April 2014, I started having severe pain in my right shoulder.  The MRI showed severe arthritis and  my shoulder joint was literally bone on bone. The pain was so severe, I could not move my right arm and I could not sleep. My doctor suggested shoulder replacement.  Dr. Law used acupuncture, pain neutralization technique and supplements to help me. Within one month, my shoulder was much better. Thank you Dr. Law! I did not have to do surgery and my shoulder pain is gone with my range of motion restored 90%.-Wendy P.


Dr. Helen Law literally gave me a second chance at life.  With a near fatal and complicated diagnosis, I started going to Helen who immediately alleviated my symptoms.  Each day she took away more and more of my symptoms and made it so that I would be able to function and heal.  I proudly recommend her to my friends, and my entire family are now patients as well.  I can honestly say with tears in my eyes, thank you so much for giving me my life back!!!  Helen, you are an amazing person and without you I don’t know where I would be.  -Michael G.

• Four years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition termed Guillian Barre Syndrome. More recently, I was hospitalized for a neurological disorder, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  I will never forget Helen Law’s initial words to me: “Western medicine has treated you as it sees fit, and now it is time for an Eastern approach.”  With each treatment, I feel stronger and for this, I am very appreciative. -C.S.

• When I came to your office,  it was with very little hope.  I had come down with a serious case of Bell’s Palsy  and had gone to another acupuncturist.  Although it helped to a degree, my face was still paralyzed.  I thought I would have to live with this damage for the rest of my life.   One of my doctors recommended I make an appointment with you.  Within the first six weeks, I noticed the pain was slowly going away and that some of my muscles were starting to move a little.  After a couple of months, everyone started to notice a difference in my face.  People, who are just meeting me, or the ones I haven’t seen in a very long time, don’t even know – or remember – there was a problem.  Besides being amazing at what you do, you are probably one of the most honest and caring persons I know.  Not only have you helped me with your talents, but you  have been an amazing source of emotional support.  I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. -Linda S.

• I was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease when I was 20 years old. CMT is one of the most common inherited neurological disorders, affecting both motor and sensory peripheral nerves.  I had constant pain, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, twitches in my calves and forearms. My toes could not move and my fingers lacked fine motor movement.  After the first visit, my fingers felt normal and I could stretch the muscles in my toes and feet for a short time.  In about one year’s time, my neck, shoulder, back, legs, hands and feet felt almost normal. I am so grateful I found Dr. Law.  She gave my life back and helped me battle this genetic neurological disorder.  Thank you Dr. Law for your incredible skill in Chinese Medicine. -Barbara K.


•I have suffered severe trigeminal neuralgia since 2011.  It attacked the right side of my face. The shooting pain was so bad that I could not talk or eat. I took three different kinds of pain medications for several months. I came to Dr. Law seeking pain management with acupuncture. The acupuncture really helped to stop the pain. One year later, my trigeminal neuralgia returned again on my right side of face. I came back to visit Dr. Law again. This time I did not take any medication. The pain went away with acupuncture. It has been one year since the last attack. Thank you Dr. Law for your help. –Geraldine P.

• I play a lot of golf  and every year during these seasons, I always suffer from itchy red swollen lower legs above the ankle.  I knew all along that it was due to the irritation from the pesticide on the grass.  I came to Dr. Law and confirmed that it was my overreaction to the pesticide.  After she treated me for the pesticides, she did further testing and found that I was allergic to the grass and weeds. After the 2nd treatment, my skin became as good as new. Now I can play golf every day without worrying about my ankle.  I am so thrilled about the result of Advanced Allergy Therapeutics.  -Judy V.


• What a relief! After a month of daily and sometimes severe headaches; I went to Helen Law. She explained to me that many headaches derive from neck issues and then she quickly identified the source of my pain.  After several acupuncture sessions, all of my headaches have completely vanished. I found that the acupuncture treatments are not only painless, they are quite relaxing. I actually look forward to my visits!  Thank you!   -Shelley

• I am a 15-year-old girl who suffered from debilitating migraine headaches as well as constant daily headaches for close to a year.  We consulted specialists who sometimes ordered tests and prescribed many different medications.  The medications had few positive effects and many negative effects.  At last we made our way to Helen who gave me some relief almost right away.  Through acupuncture, PNT, CST, and Helen’s gentle, caring ways, I am now almost 100% better.  Helen helped me get my life back.  She is a kind, intuitive, and  compassionate healer.   -Kim

• My neurologist told me I’d have to take antidepressants to get rid of my chronic migraines.  Helen Law got rid of my cyclic migraine on the first visit, and fixed my acid reflux to boot!  My headache frequency, intensity, and duration have reduced dramatically, and I now see Helen first before any other specialist for any new ailments.  -Anne

• As a sufferer of cluster (a form of migraine) headaches for many years, I found only heavy duty and frequent medication relieved my pain. Through Dr. Law’s treatment, professional expertise and personal concern and care, my headaches disappeared after only two visits. I am a believer in acupuncture and in you! -Dr. James Byer