Princeton Integrative Health Center

Veronique Cardon, MS

VeroniqueCardon-215x300 Office in January 2014Veronique Cardon, MS,  is a trained Holistic Nutritionist who has worked with Helen Law between 2007 and 2011 at her office as a nutritionist. She has  integrated lessons learned from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotional Brain Training (EBT) and Nutrition Counseling into a unique new method to change your behaviors and automatic thoughts about food and what you decide to put in your mouth. Too many times, we go on a diet, change our behavior for a few weeks, lose the weight, but then come back to our old self. The weight comes back with a vengeance and we end up frustrated and demotivated, until the next attempt.

This new method is called the “CogniDiet™” and will educate you in a 6 to 12 weeks program  to change your thoughts and therefore behaviors. It is not even accompanied by nutrition counseling (only a few simple rules)because we believe we can only learn a few things WELL at a time. The weight will go off no matter what because you will change your behaviors. Research has proven the effectiveness  of CBT accompanied by relaxation methods in rewiring your brain and helping people lose weight.

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