Princeton Integrative Health Center

Helen Law, PhD, LAc, FAAIM


Dr. Law was raised in a family of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in Hong Kong. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering before continuing her studies in Chinese medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2000. She then received her doctorate in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health in 2010. Dr. Law continued to expand her knowledge and skill by studying a variety of techniques in Chinese medicine, including: sports, rehabilitation and traumatic injuries in Beijing, China, the Global Balance Method from Dr. Richard Tan in San Diego and Pain Neutralization Technique from Dr. Stephan Kaufman in Colorado. She also added Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy to her skills and has employed it for 15 years in her practice.

Dr. Law has achieved community recognition for many years for her excellence in service and dedication to her community and the healing arts.

Dr. Law has successfully treated acute and chronic pain; allergies, food sensitivities and other digestive disorder; colds and flu; headaches and migraines, concussion, scoliosis and TMJ; insomnia and snoring; male and female health, irregular heartbeat, anxiety and depression; chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.