Princeton Integrative Health Center

Personalized Nutrition through Genetic Analysis

We are a certified provider site. To order a 23andme kit with expedited processing – Click Here. Being a certified provider site cuts the processing time of the health + ancestry extraction from 5-6 weeks to 2 weeks. Our team uses their genetic extract as the source of our assisting you with your personalized nutrition plan.

Methylation is one of the key problems that we struggle with when it comes to our health. Our genes are not protected – methylated – and hence other imbalances of vitamins, amino acids and hormones occur. Over 70 percent have some methylation problem. It is not just the two key genes MTHFR 677T or 1298C. It is the confluence of genes, environmental factors and diet which bring us to our state of health. Our primary analysis uses Methylgenetic Nutrition Analysis as the base of the creation of your personalized nutrition plan.

For more information – watch this video:

We are also the first site in NJ to offer the Opus23 genetics analysis tool created by University of Bridgeport Center of Excellence and Peter D’Adamo, ND. If there are additional analyses to perform identifying other factors than methylation, using Opus 23 analysis tool will be performed.